• Soka University Student Participates in the “APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) Program”


Soka University Student Participates in the “APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) Program”

     Ms. Ayana Kuri (Soka University, Faculty of Law, junior), currently studying abroad at Thammasat University, participated in the “APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) Program,” which was held from January 14 to 26 in Bangkok, Thailand.

     The purpose of this program is to foster “social entrepreneurship” through which social issues can be resolved through enterprise, while raising the awareness of young people to actively participate in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
     Over the two weeks of the program, approximately 250 youth from around the world gathered this time and attended seminars and workshops conducted by international institutions and social entrepreneurs, held field surveys in local communities, and learned about practical leadership with which one can resolve social issues in local communities through discussion and feedback.

     Ms. Kuri shared that she had been learning about the SDGs at the Faculty of Law and was attracted to the idea that she could use her experience, and therefore decided to participate in this project. She is thinking to help contribute to society in Southeast Asia in the future through infrastructure. She also shared that, by participating this time, she learned about the gap in infrastructure between cities and rural areas, and felt the importance of the concept of “no one left behind,” which is included in the concept of the SDGs in advancing development. Ms. Kuri also commented that she was stimulated by the youth of the world, who possess high aspirations to “become harbingers of change” themselves, and expressed her determination to continue learning and gaining the ability to resolve various issues occurring in the world.