• Event Held by 4th-year Students Graduating This Spring


Event Held by 4th-year Students Graduating This Spring

     On February 26 (Monday), an event held by 4th-year students in the undergraduate program who will graduate this spring took place at Soka University’s Discovery Hall and was attended by approximately 500 students.
     The purpose of the event was to convey to the junior students before graduation what the senior students have learned during their college life. The senior students, who played active roles in the past four years in various fields including for job searching, etc., encouraged their junior counterparts through performances by Takiyama Taiko, Vocal Group, and Ichariba Chodes.

     Mr. Ryotaro Shigeoka (Faculty of Law, senior), who sponsored the event, commented, “In the past four years, we were able to study and grow at Soka University. After spending a meaningful student life thanks to encouragement from our founder, the faculty and staff, and other senior students, we will be graduating in March. We held this event to express our sense of appreciation in the form of encouragement to our junior counterparts. We were also able to deepen our friendships among other senior students through preparations for this event. I want to continue to do my best after graduation with the pride of being a Soka University graduate.”