• “Soka University Explanatory Meeting for International Students Admission” and “Parents/Guardians Panel” was held in South Korea


“Soka University Explanatory Meeting for International Students Admission” and “Parents/Guardians Panel” was held in South Korea

    “Soka University Explanatory Meeting for International Students Admission” and “Parents/Guardians Panel” was held in Pusan and Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, June 30th, and Sunday, July 1st respectively. This was carried out as part of the “Top Global University Project”, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro was in attendance representing Soka University and around 800 high school students and guardians participated.
    The Explanatory Meeting in South Korea has been held every year since 2012 and this year was the seventh time. At the Explanatory Meeting, there was an experience by a present and former international student. After, individual consultations occurred for general information of the faculty, dormitory, and campus life etc.

    Below are a few comments of high school students in attendance.
    • This was the second time I attended the Soka University Explanatory Meeting. At today’s explanatory meeting, I learned that 『University is not just a place for yourself, but the need to learn for others.』(Male high school student)
    • I felt that Soka University is different from other universities because they put a strong emphasis on the importance of students. I was very encouraged listening to my senior’s experience. Soka University students put importance on World Peace and others while also having big dreams.” (Female high school student)
    This year was the second time the “Parents/Guardians Panel” was held and around 150 parents/guardians were in attendance. Below are some of the comments from the parents/guardians.
    • Compared to the last time the information was more in-depth and hearing the experience from the students made me feel more at ease. Also, I was very encouraged in meeting the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and graduate, who base themselves with the spirit of the founder and the preparation for this event. (Pusan)
    • While in attendance, I was able to feel many times the happiness of sending my son to Soka University. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Soka University for fostering my son, who has become very sincere and appreciative of many things. (Seoul) 
    Also, during the visit to South Korea, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Tashiro and Administrative Officer of the International Affair Office Mr. Tobita visited Changwon National University, Gyeongnam National University, and Jeju National University.
    Chancellor Choi Hae Bum of Changwon National University said, “I am very appreciative of the student exchange between both universities, next I hope the exchange of academic research improves.”
    Vice Chancellor Mi In Sun of Gyeongnam National University mentioned, “I hope both universities can work together aiming for world peace and have many exchanges.” Also, Chancellor Park Jae Kyu said, “The exchange students from Soka University are doing their best with their studies.”
    Lastly, Chancellor Song Seok Eon of Jeju National University discussed, “When I was the President of the Law School in 2009, I visited Soka University. I still remember the great impact of the campus. At Jeju National University, we are also aiming towards globalization, we hope to further strengthen the efforts of globalization and the deepen the connection with Soka University.”