• Summer Overseas Training Course joint ceremony was held


Summer Overseas Training Course joint ceremony was held

     A ceremony for the Summer Overseas Training was held on Friday, July 20th at the university's classroom building.
     This summer overseas training includes a total of 12 courses in 13 countries and regions. 5 courses (5 countries and regions, 83 people) sponsored by each faculty, as well as 7 training courses (8 countries and regions, 101 people) such as language courses and overseas volunteers etc. sponsored by the university.

     At the ceremony, first, there was an introduction of participants and supervisors of all courses from Mr. Masaru Osanai, Dean of International Affairs. Next, two students expressed their determinations for their respective courses. Ms. Yuuka Kobuke (4th year・Faculty of Law・University of Nairobi training course) said, "Being able to participate in the training course at Nairobi University in Africa, I will challenge myself to make friends and dialogue on human rights. I would like to become a person who can engage with various people and expand friendship through this course."
     After, Ms. Seira Yanagita (2nd year・Faculty of Nursing・International Nursing Training in Zambia) said, "In this international nursing training course in Zambia, in addition to lectures at the Faculty of Nursing of Zambia University and tours at the University Hospital of Zambia, we will be able to visit elementary schools in the city, etc. I am planning to learn about the health of mothers and children of Zambia during this training course. "
     Lastly, Vice President Mr. Ryohei Tanaka gave a greeting, "When you go overseas, there are different cultures and rules compared to Japan. I think that there are many things you will learn for the first time, but that experience will help you in the future. Please broaden your horizons and make it a training for your growth."

     Students who participated in the ceremony commented on their respective journeys they will face.
    “In addition to learning human education at the Faculty of Education, I am striving to acquire language in order to study overseas for long-term study abroad in English-speaking countries. Although I am worried about my first time overseas, I would like to make friendship with local people and make it a meaningful training.” (1st year・Faculty of Education・Female)
    “I am trying to learn English for this training. I am fully aware of what it takes to become a global citizen and I want to learn more through this training.” (3rd year・Faculty of Business Administration・Male)