• Completion Ceremony for Exchange Students・Non-degree Students・SUA Students was held


Completion Ceremony for Exchange Students・Non-degree Students・SUA Students was held

    On Tuesday, July 31st, completion ceremony for Exchange Students・Non-degree Students・SUA Students took place at the Discovery Hall in Central Education Tower "Global Square".

    First, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro introduced the founder Daisaku Ikeda’s message. The founder said, "In everyone's future, there will be trials of hardships and a mountain of hardships because of your deep mission. But at that time when it’s most difficult, remember the extraordinary time cultivated with friends at this campus. Please demonstrate the “never giving up” spirit, patience, and boldness through courageous challenges."
    President Yoshihisa Baba presented the certificate of completion to each of the 86 international students from 33 countries and regions. After, three representatives of the graduates gave speeches in Japanese that they learned through their time here at Soka University.

    Nin Wit Yi An, an exchange student from Myanmar・Yangon University for Foreign Studies said, "I would like to make use of what I learned through my study abroad even after I return home. The time I spent here, the time I spent with everyone is very important. From now, I will treasure each one of my encounters. A friend of mine, who is an international student once told me “We are like Okonomiyaki," each person is mixed like ingredients, everyone at the International Affairs Office is are eggs, the most essential part of the okonomiyaki. I was able to grow greatly through the support of academics, living, and Soka University."
    Beng Hwee Tan of Soka University of America mentioned, “By studying Japanese, I was able to build friendships from the people of Japan, international students, and was able to join dance club “D.I. Crew.” Challenging myself to get used to the environment and culture, I feel I was able to grow tremendously. Soka University is a place where you can become friends with people all over the world.”
    Ghosh Surojit of the non-degree program said, “In my one year at Soka University, I was able to learn and gain about the ability of relief, the ability to grasp happiness, the ability to overcome hardships. I hope to make use of what I learned here and work hard for world peace.”

    While praising international students of their efforts during their stay at Soka University, President Yoshihisa Baba mentioned the university efforts for the “Top Global University” project highest evaluation "S" in the interim report announced in February this year, and said, “There is nothing as pleasant as being active. You can see how international student graduates of our university are active in their respective countries. As you are also following the footsteps of your seniors, we are expecting that you will be able to do the same. "