• Soka University GCP Student Participates in the “STeLA Leadership Forum 2018”


Soka University GCP Student Participates in the “STeLA Leadership Forum 2018”

    STeLA (Science and Technology Leadership Association) is an international student-run organization, this year the forum was held from August 7th through the 10th. The forum, which gathers students from the science and engineering fields mainly from the top universities such as Japan, China, the USA, Europe, the Middle East etc., was held at the University of Tokyo. Soka University GCP (Global Citizenship Program) student 2nd year Sakura Kiyama of the Science and Technology Department participated.

    STeLA is an international networking organization aimed at developing outstanding students’ leadership skills by organizing a demanding annual forum. This forum focuses on personal development through intensive feedback. Excellent students from universities worldwide are brought together to form a lasting network, ready to challenge global issues as one community.

    In the first half, a program to learn the theory based leadership model of the MIT Leadership Center and to strengthen and implement practical skills through various activities.
    In the second half, there were projects to solve two problems out of the four topics of environment, economy, human rights, and society of Japan. Actively debating from early morning till late night, eventually leading to all groups completing their respective tasks. Participants took opportunities to share not only mutual cultures but also values, including making breaks and meals.

    Ms. Kiyama mentioned, “Through hearing stories of my GCP seniors, who participated in STeLA in the past, made me want to challenge myself to participate in the forum. At STeLA, participants from other countries shared their views and values differently through daily conversations as well as discussions about future technologies and I was able to gain new perspectives. In the first half of the forum, it was very difficult to share my thoughts and opinions through discussions, even though I was fully aware of the importance of practical skills. In the latter group work and presentation, we made an environmentally friendly prototype house. This proposal was highly evaluated and we were able to take first place among all the groups. I think it was because we had deep talks within the group and support to bring out the best of each other. I truly I truly believe we were able to make it a forum we everlasting bonds and memories. For the rest of my foreseeable future, I will do my best to raise my expertise in the science and engineering field in the remaining student life and at the same time because of the forum I felt it was necessary to think about study abroad.”