• Two students from Soka University’s GCP participate in “HPAIR” Asia Conference


Two students from Soka University’s GCP participate in “HPAIR” Asia Conference

    From August 16th to 20th, two students from Soka University’s GCP (Global Citizenship Program), Mika Matsuyama (Faculty of Law, second year) and Manabu Koide (Faculty of Science and Engineering, second year) participated in HPAIR (Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations) Asia Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    This forum was started in 1991 by Harvard University, with the goal of creating a forum for students from around the world to discuss the economic, political, and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.
    About 600 university students and working adults from 60 countries and regions participated in the 27th forum this year. Participants separated into five courses for panel discussions and group work: Governance & Geopolitics, Arts/Media & Culture, Energy & Environmental Sustainability, Social policy & Justice, and Technology & Innovation.

    Ms. Matsuyama commented, “I participated in the Arts /Media & Culture course. The contents of the presentation were based on insurance and health problems with the theme of “creating a business model to solve health issues in Malaysia.” We focused on the issue of smoking in Malaysia, and our group discussed how we could improve the electronic cigarettes to make it more helpful for health. As a result of cooperating and organizing our ideas, we were able to win first place in the course. I strongly felt that I was able to put my English skills that I have acquired in GCP to practice. The tension and anxiety I felt before going to HPAIR changed to confidence through the encounters and learning during the 5 days at the conference. I hope to take advantage of this experience and challenge myself by going to study abroad during my university years.”
    Mr. Koide mentioned, “At HPAIR, I was amazed at how most of the participants actively communicated their opinions and ideas with each other. Also, the presentation skills I gained in the GCP was highly acknowledged when making presentations in my group, with outstanding youth from all over the world. When we were not working on our presentation, I tried to proactively start a conversation with as many people as possible. In talking with various people, I noticed the cultural differences, which I would not have experienced in Japan and felt that such realization leads to my own growth. Moreover, I strongly felt that my current knowledge in my field cannot compete in the world. I want to continue challenging myself so that I can work in my specialty on the world level. I am interested in studying abroad and am determined to keep studying my field in depth, and grow into a person who can convey his ideas and opinions to many people.”