• Joint Inauguration Ceremony Conducted for 30 Courses in the Spring Overseas Training


Joint Inauguration Ceremony Conducted for 30 Courses in the Spring Overseas Training

    On January 16 (Wednesday), a joint inauguration ceremony for the 30 courses for overseas training, which will be held in 17 countries during the spring break, was conducted at Soka University Discovery Hall, where approximately 300 students scheduled to attend the training course gathered.

    After the introduction of all the training courses by International Director Masaru Osanai, Ms. Hiromi Kawaba (a junior from the Faculty of Letters, to attend training at Beijing Language and Culture University) and Ms. Mizuho Manabe (freshman from the faculty of Economics, to attend training at International Program California Global) shared their determination regarding the training course. President Yoshihisa Baba encouraged the students, by saying, “Please interact with many people through this overseas training and deepen your understanding of different cultures.” To conclude, Board of Trustees Chair Yasunori Tashiro encouraged them all, by saying, “You will learn so many things through actual experiences overseas. I am praying that the training course will serve as nourishment for your future student life.”

    The spring overseas training consists of a total of 30 courses including 14 training courses with university-sponsored language training and overseas internships (with 134 students scheduled to participate in 13 countries and regions), as well as 16 training courses sponsored by various faculties (with 300 students scheduled to participate in eight countries and regions).

    Feedback from students that participated in the inauguration ceremony
    “I joined Soka University with hopes to contribute to the welfare of others. Hearing about the volunteer program in Myanmar, I boldly decided to participate. I do feel somewhat anxious, but I want to actively challenge myself in everything and make this a fruitful training for my growth and development.” (From a student participating in a volunteer program in Myanmar)
    “I didn’t think about going overseas when I joined the university, but as I talked to many professors and friends through classes and programs at Soka University, I began to show interest in nursing education overseas. Through this training, I want to learn about nursing and to use what I learn for my future education and training. I will challenge myself in English and make preparations so that I can speak English during the training.” (From a student participating in international nursing training in the U.S.)