• Holding of a Welcome Party for the New Spring-term International Students


Holding of a Welcome Party for the New Spring-term International Students

    On April 5 (Friday), a welcome party for the new spring-term international students of 2019 took place at New Prince Hall, on campus. In total, 240 exchange students from 28 countries and regions, including from the University of Sao Paulo, George Mason University, the The University of Indonesia and the University of Calgary gathered and were welcomed by President Yoshihisa Baba, Prof. Masaru Osanai (who is also the Dean of International Affairs), and faculty and staff at the International Affairs Office.

    Sharing his own experience as an exchange student, President Baba related: “On this Soka University campus, where students from around the world gather, please fully learn and use this experience as your nourishment. If any problem arises, please discuss the situation with faculty, staff, or seniors in the dormitory and spend your student days with a sense of assurance.” After a Japanese-style kampai cheer, they all clinked their glasses and enjoyed joyful conversations.
    Comments from the international students that participated are as follows:
    “Hearing stories from seniors that study at Soka University’s graduate school, I became interested in this university. I will study at EMP, where I can obtain a degree in English. I want to learn various ways of thinking and gain the strength to contribute to society.” (Female student from Syria)
    “During my high school years, I became interested in Japanese culture and customs, and I came to Soka University to learn Japanese. Thanks to the wonderful support of the seniors in the dormitory and by the staff of International Affairs Office, I am spending my life in Japan with a sense of security. I will study hard, and in the future, I would like to contribute to the development of exchange between Japan and South Korea.” (Male student from South Korea)