• Conferral of Certificates Held for the Spring-term Honor Students of the 2019 Academic Year


Conferral of Certificates Held for the Spring-term Honor Students of the 2019 Academic Year

    On June 7 (Friday), at Soka University’s New Prince Hall, a conferral ceremony for the spring-term honor student certificates for the 2019 academic year and a commemorative meal took place where 100 selected honor students (out of which 10 are international students) participated, together with Chairman of the Board of Trustees Yasunori Tashiro, President Yoshihisa Baba, Director of the Student Affairs Office Masayuki Okutomi, and the deans of each faculty.

    The purpose of Soka University’s honor student system is to encourage students that enter the university and that are academically outstanding. Among students that obtained more than 16 units in each semester, top-GPA students are selected, and scholarships are provided to such individuals.

    At the conferral ceremony, Director Okutomi shared his greetings, saying that 10, or 1%, of this year’s honor students, are international students, and he praised everyone for their efforts to this day. Next, President Baba conferred the certificates of honor to the representatives of each faculty and shared: “I am sure that this result of becoming an honor student came from your own efforts. However, I am sure it was not only your own ability but because of the support of your parents. Never forget your sense of appreciation, please do your best and continue to strengthen your capabilities at this campus, which is rich in diversity.”

    Next, Chairman Mr. Tashiro encouraged the students, saying: “I believe that the fact that you exerted yourself in your studies and was selected as honor students is the greatest filial piety. Please express your appreciation to your parents for their daily support and repay your debt of gratitude to them. And please continue to make efforts so that you can get good grades so as to be selected again as honor students. I am praying for the growth of each of you.”

    Comments from the participating students were as follows:
    “Supported by the encouragement from my seniors in the men’s dorm, I have challenged myself in my studies, while, alongside my amazing student colleagues, we have encouraged and inspired each other. I am proud that, as a result, I was selected as an honor student. I will continue to make further efforts while balancing my time, as I aim toward my goal of becoming an exchange student and growing into a person that can devote myself in supporting children in developing nations.” (male student, sophomore, Faculty of Business Administration)
    “With a concrete goal to obtain good grades, I have sincerely engaged in each and every challenge. I am so happy to become an honor student for the first time and to be able to repay my debt of gratitude to my parents, who are rejoicing. I will study harder and polish my capabilities while being exposed to different cultures on a campus that has many international students.” (female student, junior, Faculty of Letters)
    “There were many challenges, such as submitting papers, but I was able to joyfully exert myself in my studies with the support of many people. This is the second time for me to be selected as an honor student, and I am full of appreciation. I am currently studying, aiming to proceed to graduate school. I will use the support I receive from the university as an honor student to become a global leader and will repay my debt of gratitude to my parents and everyone that is supporting me.” (female international student, senior, Faculty of International Liberal Arts)