• Conferral Ceremony Held for the Soka University International Study Scholarship


Conferral Ceremony Held for the Soka University International Study Scholarship

    On June 28 (Friday), a conferral ceremony for the Soka University International Study Scholarship was held at Soka University’s Room S202 for students that will be studying abroad from this summer at exchange universities or approved institutions, or for those that are engaged in language studies for one semester.

    A total of 88 students will study abroad at exchange universities and approved institutions, which include universities in 25 countries and regions, including Taiwan, Philippines, Mongolia, the U.K. Mexico, Cuba, Zambia, Spain, France, and Czech Republic, etc.
    At the ceremony, Vice President Ryohei Tanaka first shared his greetings, followed by speeches by three students.
    Mr. Tetsuya Oka, a sophomore of the Faculty of Economics, shared his determination as follows: “I will have the opportunity to study at Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania. Concretely, I have three major goals to accomplish during my study abroad. First is to improve my language skills. Second is to have exchanges with people. Third is to relay all that is good about Soka University students and people from Japan. I am sure that during my study abroad, I will experience both enjoyable and challenging moments. However, in the face of any obstacle, I will recall Soka University’s motto, ‘For what purpose should one cultivate wisdom? May you always ask yourselves this question!’ always returning to my main point and growing into a global citizen.”

    Ms. Yoshimi Baba, a junior of the Faculty of Letters, shared her determination: “I will be studying at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. There are mainly two reasons why I wanted to study at this university. First is because the American University in Cairo provides gender studies. The second reason is that, after thinking about what kind of person I want to be next year when we welcome the 50th anniversary of Soka University’s founding, I wanted to grow into someone that can share the greatness of Soka in a place where the term ‘Soka’ is yet to be known, and to also give it my all for Soka University. Honestly, at this point, I have no clue about the place I am going to and I feel very anxious. However, through this study abroad, I will learn and absorb a lot so that I can gain the ability to contribute to the lives of women in difficult conditions everywhere. I will significantly grow into a human being that can instill hope in the people of the world.”

    Mr. Takumi Sampei, a junior of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts, shared: “I will be studying in the United States at Bridgewater College. I will further strengthen my English skills so that I can become a capable person that can play an active role on the world stage. Furthermore, in order to develop my ability to adapt to various cultures, I want to strengthen my communication and leadership capabilities by interacting with people with various backgrounds by participating in various activities inside and outside the university, along with events and club activities. I am sure that you each have a goal that you want to achieve during your study abroad time. Since we share deep bonds to be studying abroad at the same time, let’s support each other toward our dreams and goals, and also when we advance toward our future course. Let’s become a team that can encourage each other through the study abroad experience by sharing how we are preparing for studying abroad, or by sharing job hunting events overseas and updating each other on how we are doing after our return to Japan.”

    Lastly, Board of Trustees Chair Yasunori Tashiro conferred the scholarship certificates and encouraged the students by saying: “I ask that during your study abroad you will have the spirit to actively learn everything you can. While interacting with the local people, please have the perspective of viewing Japan from overseas and exert yourselves to support those younger than you when you return to Soka University. Although it will be a short period, I look forward to your growth as you study hard; and please remain safe and in good health.”