• Holding of a Joint Seminar with Thammasat University in the Kingdom of Thailand


Holding of a Joint Seminar with Thammasat University in the Kingdom of Thailand

    A joint seminar was held with Thammasat University, which conducts exchanges with Soka University, on August 22 (Thursday) at Thammasat University in Thailand, and Board of Trustees Chair Yasunori Tashiro and others participated in the seminar. Exchanges with Thammasat University began in 1985, and since then, both universities have been dispatching and accepting students and faculty members. In 2017, the Soka University Faculty of International Liberal Arts and the Thammasat University Faculty of Liberal Arts concluded an inter-faculty agreement, and a Soka University Thai Office was established within the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Thammasat University.

    The first joint seminar was held in 2017 based on the proposal made by Noranit Setabutr, president of the University Council of Thammasat University. This year’s joint seminar, which marks the third time the seminar has been held, was held under the theme of “Roles of Global Citizen Education for Sustainable Development and Peace Promotion.”

    In the seminar, Board of Trustees Chair Tashiro talked about the importance of fostering human resources that can contribute to solving global issues in an increasingly globalized society and stated that Soka University wants to contribute to this through the joint seminar. Then, Gasinee Witoonchart, rector of Thammasat University, said, “I want to make today’s seminar an opportunity for us to learn from each other and enlighten each other about the mission and future of these universities. This is the third joint seminar that we have held together, and I am sure that it will lead to the further development of exchanges between these two universities going forward.”

    Afterward, Soka University Vice President Ryohei Tanaka, dean of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts Lawrence McDonald, and Peace Research Institute Director Hideki Tamai gave presentations. From Thammasat University, Vice Rector for Administration and Sustainability Prinya Thaewanarumitkul, former dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts Dumrong Adunyarittigun, and Lecturer Chanon Techasunthorwat gave presentations, and dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts Passapong Sripicharn gave the closing speech.