• Soka University Hosts the 2019 East Asia School Curriculum and Method of Teaching Research Convention


Soka University Hosts the 2019 East Asia School Curriculum and Method of Teaching Research Convention

    On November 17th (Sunday), the 2019 East Asia School Curriculum and Method of Teaching Research Convention (Sponsor: Soka University Education Society, co-sponsor: Capital Normal University, Soka University Faculty of Education, Soka University Graduate School of Teacher Education) was held at the Soka University Central Education Tower.

    The purpose of the research convention is to develop unique school curriculums in East Asia with various cultures, establish theories, and put them into practice in this era of globalization. Elementary school teachers, and those with managerial roles such as principals, vice-principals, university researchers engaged in teacher education, as well as graduate students, gathered from China, Russia, South Korea, India, and Japan.

    At the start of the convention, Soka University President Yoshihisa Baba greeted everyone and shared the significance of holding the event right before November 18th, when “The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy” by Dr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the father of Soka education, was published, and he expressed his expectations for the success of the event.

    In the morning session, Professor Gao Shu-zhu, Director of Capital Normal University Research Center of China, and Professor Akisumi Nagashima, President of Soka University Education Society, delivered lectures respectively under the titles, “The Aim of Course Class Research” and “A Look towards Life at the Backdrop of Soka Education.” Later, four individuals took the podium and a symposium was conducted from multiple perspectives; Principal Li Lan Ying of China’s Beihang University Experimental School, Elementary School Division, Professor Xiao Zhengde of Hangzhou Normal University Faculty of Education, Professor Li Zhong Guo of Linyi University of Shandong Province, and lecturer Yoko Sakuma of the Soka University Teacher Education Career Center.
    In the afternoon session, the following three sub-committees were established where a lively discussion took place based on research presentations by 18 individuals; “Contents of Elementary School Courses and Their Development,” “Elementary School Curriculum and its Purpose,” and “Learning Process and the Growth of Children.”

    As a recap of the convention, Soka University Professor Masashi Suzuki, the Dean of Faculty of Education, expressed his appreciation to the participants and said, “We would like to continue pursuing the way of teacher education, which fuses theory and practice.”

    Before the convention, 20 individuals visited Japan from China and participated in a training session. From November 12th (Tuesday) to 16th (Saturday), they observed classes at a public elementary school in the city and at Soka Elementary School. At the city elementary school, an exchange took place, where an elementary school teacher from China conducted a math class, providing a fulfilling opportunity.

    Comments from the participants were as follows:
    I have long been thinking about education for the sake of society and the country, but I refreshed my awareness that without placing focus on human beings, we cannot create people’s happiness. (University faculty of China)

    I have been struggling to this day on how to help children who cannot keep up with the class, but this time I was able to grasp some sort of answer. Upon my return to my country, I would like to put it into action as soon as I go back to class. (Elementary school teacher of China)