• A Send-off Party for the 96th Hakone Ekiden is Held at Soka University


A Send-off Party for the 96th Hakone Ekiden is Held at Soka University

    On December 11th (Wednesday), a send-off party for Soka University’s Track and Field Ekiden Team to compete in the 96th Hakone Ekiden (university road race between Tokyo and Hakone) was held on the 1st floor of the Entrance Hall of Soka University’s Central Education Building (Global Square). Approximately 300 students and faculty members, as well as the media, participated.

    At the send-off party, after a cheering performance by Soka University’s Cheerleading team PANTHERS, Captain Yosuke Tsukidate (Faculty of Economics, senior) showed the red and blue striped sash that the team will be using in the race. He powerfully said: “Based on the team slogan for this year, which is ‘That’s the way to go Soka,’ we aim to get seeded in the race. We would like to run in a way that astonishes everyone. Not only the ten of us who will run the Hakone race but also everyone including staff and managers will unite in this challenge.”

    Thereafter, Coach Kazutaka Enoki said enthusiastically, “Enduring the harsh practice of summer, we were able to come in fifth place at the Hakone Ekiden preliminary race, surpassing expectations, and gaining the right to appear in the main race. In this race, we will be proactive, giving courage and energy to everyone. Towards getting seeded, we will prepare thoroughly, united as a team.”
    In the end, all the participants sang the student song together and everyone excitedly cheered for the team.