• “Meals for Refugees” held at New Loire Cafeteria


“Meals for Refugees” held at New Loire Cafeteria

    On December 19 (Thursday) and 20 (Friday), “Meals for Refugees” took place at Soka University’s New Loire Cafeteria. The Soka University students that are promoting Meals for Refugees collaborated with Green House Co., Ltd, which manages New Loire Cafeteria, and made a call to everyone to promote understanding regarding the plight of Pakistani refugees, all by promoting up to 30 meals a day featuring “mild Pakistani-style chicken curry” so that refugees can enjoy a taste from their home country. This was the second time for Soka University to host such an event, following the one last year.


    Meals for Refugees is an activity for widely promoting awareness and support regarding the plight of refugees by providing cuisine introduced via Flavours Without Borders, a book that includes recipes relayed by refugees living in Japan, at cafeterias in universities and companies as well as at restaurants. This event takes place at over 50 university and high school campuses nationwide in Japan, and 20 yen of every meal provided can be donated to the Japan Association for Refugees, which is an NPO that is recognized for supporting refugees living in Japan.


    Ms. Yuka Minamizono and Ms. Mirai Saito, who are seniors in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts and who have been involved in this activity, shared: “This time, we hoped to be able to include even one more Soka University student in learning about Pakistani refugees through Pakistani food. We cannot donate yet because the number of meals that we can provide is small, but I would like to increase the recognition of this activity and connect that to the next activity. At Soka University, we have students that joined the school through the UNHCR Refugee Education Program and students learning through JICA’s program for building bridges to peace in Syria and through a program for raising capable people. In addition to providing food, we are also exerting ourselves so that everyone can come to more closely understand the plight of refugees, including by holding exhibition activities on campus on June 20, which is World Refugee Day.”