• 本学国際教養学部の山田竜作教授が「世界政治学会 IPSA」で研究発表


本学国際教養学部の山田竜作教授が「世界政治学会 IPSA」で研究発表

7月23日から28日の6日間、ポーランドのポズナン市で開催された世界政治学会 International Political Science Association (IPSA)で、本学国際教養学部の山田竜作教授が研究発表を行いました。


山田教授は27日に行なわれた、「民主主義、参加、不平等――実際的な諸問題と理論的解決」のパネルに登壇。「What is "the Democratic" in Feminist Political Theory?: Mouffe, Pateman, Young and Citizenship」(フェミニズム政治理論において「民主的なるもの」とは何か――ムフ、ペイトマン、ヤングとシティズンシップ)と題して、C. ムフ、C. ペイトマン、I. M. ヤングという3人のフェミニストの政治理論家を比較検討した研究を報告しました。著名なラディカル・デモクラシー論者ムフが、他の二者のシティズンシップ論を、女性などの集団アイデンティティを「本質主義」的に捉えるものと批判したことを議論の出発点に、そうした批判の妥当性を検討した上で、それぞれの論者にとって何が「民主的なるもの」なのか、その異同を考察しました。


This paper aims to analyze feminist views on citizenship through comparing three political theorists, Chantal Mouffe, Carole Pateman and Iris Marion Young. It particularly discusses their understanding of “the democratic”. All three feminist theorists share the criticism of the patriarchal construction of citizenship, but their ways to overcome male/female inequality differ. Mouffe argues that the essentialized identity of women is not compatible with her project of radical and plural democracy. She criticizes Pateman and Young on the grounds that they have essentialist ideas. Pateman, who pursuits democratization in which women are to be citizens as women who are equal yet sexually different beings from men, regards such a label “essentialist” as irrelevant. Mouffe also criticizes the essentialist implication in Young’s politics of difference which makes an issue of domination by the mainstream and oppression of marginalized social groups including women. However, like Mouffe, Young is well aware of postmodern warnings against essentializing group identity. Here is the main question of this paper: how do their notions of “what is democratic” differ? This paper attempts to evaluate the relevance of Mouffe’s criticism of Pateman and Young through the comparison of their conceptions of democratic citizenship. By examining the cross-purposes of their arguments, this paper investigates what “the democratic” constitutes for each of them.