Elijah Price

Elijah Price

2018 Alumni

Great Professors & Classmates

I was inspired to apply to the International Business Studies Program (IBSP) after reading the mission of Soka University of Japan (SUJ), which is to nurture the creative life-enhancing potential of each student and to inspire students to employ that potential for the greater benefit of humanity. From the professors with experience in numerous industries, the diverse student body, and the facilities available, I truly believe my education at SUJ has allowed me to discover my potential and use it for the benefit of society. In particular, the program offered me the opportunity to intern with a Japanese company to gain first-hand experience. Upon graduation, I started an internship with the International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN), and through the capabilities I developed at SUJ, I was able to receive a contract to continue as a Junior Human Resources Officer.


The professors have a vast amount of experience in different industries and countries around the world and developed courses and projects that allowed me to learn from their knowledge. They imparted in me skills that I continue to use today in my career and encouraged me throughout the program to strive to utilize my full potential.


My classmates came from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and academically, and the interactions I had with them allowed me to develop perspectives different from my own. Working together with them, reaching consensus in projects despite our differences is an important skill in the 21st century with the world growing closer together. In my current position I use these skills daily to interact with my colleagues and the ILO’s constituents around the world.

This program allowed me to grow in confidence

Before studying at SUJ, I was a bit worried as the program was in its first year. I also didn’t believe in my potential to work within the UN family. However, the program allowed me to grow in confidence and inculcated within me all the skills I needed in order to be successful where I am now. I have so much gratitude and am proud to have graduated from the first class of the IBSP with such an intelligent group of people. The efforts of all the professors and students have really elevated the program and it is truly one of the top international programs in all of Japan. I am determined to continue to create a bridge for future IBSP students to enter into the UN’s system and to champion the values of SUJ in my career.