Admissions information for TESOL

Admission Information for TESOL

Beginning in 2016, the ILE: TESOL Program began welcoming incoming students in April and September. The April application periods and procedures have remained the same, and additional application periods for September entry began in early 2016. Details and materials related to both April and September application periods are available from the link below.

The International Language Education (ILE): TESOL program is a challenging, English–medium graduate program designed to prepare language educators for differing levels of instruction in varying contexts. While teaching experience and a background in education are welcome, the ILE: TESOL program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, and considers all applications in a holistic manner. A profile of a successful applicant could be described as having a combination of the following characteristics:
  • Enthusiasm / passion for teaching
  • Successful completion of an undergraduate degree (with a minimum B/B+ GPA, not necessarily in English or Education: Other undergraduate majors are considered)
  • Ability to succeed in an English-medium learning environment (applicants with a minimum equivalent iBT score of approximately 71 / IELTS 6.0 are welcome to apply; higher scores are recommended)
  • An understanding of how the ILE: TESOL Program will help the applicant reach his or her professional goals
  • During the selection process, applicants are not judged heavily on any one criterion, but rather based on the combination of each applicant’s unique characteristics, and how their educational goals can be met through the ILE: TESOL Program.

There are multiple application periods for the ILE: TESOL Program for both April and September entries. The application process includes an essay on the applicant’s professional goals, and an interview (which can be held online for international applicants).