Course of Study

Course of Study

Students in the ILE: TESOL Program can take advantage of a flexible program, building on core requirements, and choosing many of their courses to customize their course of study in consultation with their advisor.

Courses in the ILE: TESOL Program are divided into three groups:

Core Required courses:


Core Elective courses:


Specialization Elective courses:

  • ILE students are welcome to enroll in additional Core Elective or Specialization Elective courses during their program based on their academic interests.

An example course of study for an ILE student entering the program in April is similar to the outline of courses below. The courses included would be similar for students entering in April or September while the sequence of courses would be slightly different. For a current course plan, download a Course Map for the current academic year.
Year 1: First Semester
Year 1: Second Semester
Year 2: First Semester
Year 2: Second Semester