Visiting Professor for Fall 2018 Professor Judith B. O’Loughlin

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Visiting Professor for Fall 2018 Professor Judith B. O’Loughlin

Professor Judith B. O’Loughlin
Professor Judith B. O’Loughlin
Professor O’Loughlin is an educational consultant to school districts and state departments of education. Additionally, she is an adjunct graduate professor and content consulting advisor to the National Professional Development Program “Educators and Families for English Learners” (EFs4ELs) housed at Ohio State University. The EFs4ELs grant, a partnership between educational entities in Ohio, Texas, and Washington, D. C., is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA). Prior to this current grant project, she has been a content consultant and teacher trainer on two other teacher training OELA grants, through the Ohio State University (MNET) and University of Missouri (Project EXCEL) and one New Jersey Department of Education SIOP grant, training classroom teachers on techniques for teaching English learners in their classrooms.

Professor O’Loughlin was an adjunct professor in the Department of Multicultural Education, New Jersey City University (2000-2012) teaching courses toward English as a Second Language teacher credentialing endorsement. During that time, she taught face-to-face and blended courses in methods of teaching English, cultural diversity and cultural proficiency, as well as the history of bilingual/multicultural education. As an adjunct, she also served as one of the pre-service teacher educators for the university’s dual grant project, training future educators for dual certification as ESL/bilingual and special education teachers, one of the first dual certification programs in the U.S. to prepare teachers to serve the unique needs of the bilingual special education population.

Ms. O’Loughlin began her career as a middle school English teacher in New Jersey public schools. Following eight years as a classroom teacher for native English speakers, she returned to the university to become a certified ESL/bilingual K-12 educator and completed her post-masters’ education in teacher of the handicapped and learning disabilities teacher consultant. She taught k-8 ESL and special education mathematics (grades 2-4) in New Jersey, before moving to California and beginning her consulting career.

Throughout her career, Professor O’Loughlin has occupied positions of leadership in key TESOL organizations. In New Jersey, she served in various position on the board of NJTESOL-NJBE, including President. After moving to California, she has served and continues to serve as Advocacy and Policy Chair for federal and state legislation impacting the lives of immigrants and refugees, as well as the conference services advisor to regional and annual CATESOL conferences. At International TESOL she has served on the Awards Professional Council
(Chair), the Standards Professional Council (Chair), and the Professional Development Professional Council (Chair), as well as serving in various positions on the Elementary Education Interest Section, including chair of the Interest Section Leadership Council. Recognizing her service to the field of TESOL education, she was awarded the NJTESOL-NJBE Leadership Award and the CATESOL Sadae Iwataki, Award for service to CATESOL teachers and students. Additionally, she was named one of TESOL’s 50 at 50, recognizing the significant contributions to the TESOL profession within the past 50 years.
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