FILA Faculty Publishes Article on COVID-19

    Dr. Johanna Zulueta, Associate Professor at the Faculty of International Liberal Arts recently published a co-authored article in the journal, Journal of Contemporary Family Studies, for its special issue: Global Family Perspectives on COVID-19. The article, titled, “Japanese Families and COVID-19: “Self-Restraint”, Confined Living Spaces, and Enhanced Interactions,” looked at how the pandemic affected Japanese society, in particular, Japanese families. From the perspective of Japanese university students, the article looked at several aspects such as schooling, work, and relationships. Based on observations and discussions with university students, the authors found out that there were significant changes not only in living arrangements brought about by a shift to a work-from-home lifestyle, but also in family interactions. The article gives an assessment of the situation from the time the pandemic hit Japan in early 2020 to around the middle of the said year.