2023/04/19 13:00

【FILA】"Center for Malaysian Studies" established as a Soka University Priority Research Center

     On April 1, 2023, the "Center for Malaysian Studies" was established in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts after receiving accreditation from Soka University's as one of the Soka University Priority Research Centers.


     Soka University's Priority Research Centers are defined by several criteria. Firstly, is there a system or proposal in place to ensure that international results are highly evaluated by international and academic societies? Secondly, does the research project have clear goals and a roadmap? Thirdly, does the proposal have the potential to acquire large competitive funds from outside the university in the future? Fourthly, does the plan address the development of young researchers? Finally, the "Center of Excellence" is a system of approval that is based on the criteria of whether the applicant has a high level of ability and research achievement to carry out the research project.


     The purpose of the "Center for Malaysian Studies" is to study Malaysia, a "plural society" where different religions, languages, cultures, and ethnic groups coexist, from the perspective of the humanities and social sciences, and through mutual collaboration between academics and students, mainly from Japan and Malaysia, to contribute to the grand design of Soka University, "A university that fosters 'world citizens' that can create value."


     Professor Ichiro Sugimoto, the center's representative, stated,


     "The founder, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, saw that the diversity of Malaysian society has unlimited possibilities and foretells a great future of unfolding plenty. He also developed a dialogue with Malaysian intellectuals such as former Prime Minister Mahathir, former His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah of Malaysia, and former Vice Chancellors of the University of Malaya, Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz and Dr. Syed Hussein Alatas. Soka University has also been active in academic agreements with Malaysian universities ahead of other Japanese Universities. In addition, it has promoted and deepened multifaceted educational and research collaboration, including implementing exchange programs, holding the Pacific Basin Symposiums, and conducting large-scale research projects led by the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. International students from Malaysia have also significantly contributed to our university's development. We will continue to make efforts in both research and education to develop further the initiatives established over the years at Soka University."


     During the period of accreditation as a Center of Excellence (April 2023 - March 2028), a total of 12 members, including four faculty members from the Faculty of International Liberal Arts in Soka University and eight faculty members from national universities in Malaysia, will work together to build the foundation gradually and aim to widely disseminate the results of their educational and research activities to society. Specific activities this year include

    1. Applying for competitive external research funds
    2. Promoting joint research projects
    3. Conducting International Fieldwork I-II (short-term training in Malaysia)
    4. Holding research seminars and meetings to report the research output produced by the center.
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