2023/11/14 10:30

【FILA】Prof. Ozturk of FILA Named Vice President of ICIIL: ICIL 2025 to be Held in Tokyo, Supported by Soka University's Center for Malaysian Studies

    The International Centre for Innovation and Industrial Logistics (ICIIL) recently announced that Professor U. Aytun Ozturk of Soka University has been appointed as Vice President of ICIIL and will serve as Chair for the International Conference on Industrial Logistics (ICIL) 2025 in Tokyo. This milestone marks the conference's return to Japan 24 years after the previous event in Okinawa in 2001.

    Initiated in France in 1993, ICIL has been hosted in a diverse range of countries, from Brazil to Russia, the USA, Finland, Uruguay, Lithuania, Israel, and most recently Croatia in 2023. This biennial conference provides an invaluable platform for exchanging ideas and research among students, researchers, academics, and industrialists. It also highlights evolving global challenges in logistics and supply chain management.

    Supported by the Soka University Center for Malaysian Studies, ICIL 2025 is set to continue the tradition of presenting original research results, innovative concepts, and real-life case study examples. These contribute to understanding and finding solutions to worldwide logistics challenges. The ICIIL board invites logistics researchers to participate and contribute to this event.

    For more information about the ICIIL and the ICIL 2025 conference, visit www.iciil.net.

    About ICIIL

    ICIIL is a non-profit professional association committed to fostering an integrated view of Industrial Logistics. ICIIL encourages the sharing and exchanging of ideas and research results among diverse stakeholders through its activities. The biennial International Conference on Industrial Logistics (ICIL) is the primary global mechanism for achieving these objectives.

    About the Center for Malaysian Studies

    The Center for Malaysian Studies, founded on April 1, 2023, and accredited by Soka University as a Prioritized Research Center, focuses on studying Malaysia's pluralistic society characterized by diverse religions, languages, cultures, and ethnicities. The center aims to explore this diversity using insights from the humanities and social sciences. Moreover, it actively promotes international collaborative research endeavors to establish varied networks.

    For inquiries, please contact Prof. U. Aytun Ozturk at ozturk@soka-u.jp or Prof. Ichiro Sugimoto at ichiro@soka.ac.jp.

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