2024/02/06 09:00

【FILA】 「FILA My Story」 vol.2

    On Monday, January 15, the FILA Student Union hosted the event "2nd FILA MY STORY!" (FILA refers to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts.)

    This event is held three times to provide an opportunity for the FILA students to hear FILA professors give a frank presentation about their origins with the founders, Soka education, and their thoughts on FILA. The second event was attended by about 30 students and was presented by Prof. Maria Guajardo and Prof. Ryusaku Yamada.

    We asked a participant about their impressions.
    "Both Professor Maria and Professor Yamada shared extremely valuable insights, and I learned a lot. Exploring the founding principles and values with them inspired me to challenge my issues with a renewed determination."
    (3rd-year student, FILA)

    "I was deeply moved by the words of the founders. Moreover, I gained a new understanding of why reading books is essential."
    (3rd-year student, FILA)

    In the next session, we will introduce the presentation by Prof. Ichiro Sugimoto.

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