2024/02/07 09:00

【FILA】 「FILA My Story」 vol.3

    On Tuesday, January 16, the FILA Student Union hosted the event "3rd FILA MY STORY!" (FILA refers to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts.)

    This event is held three times to provide an opportunity for the FILA students to hear FILA professors give a frank presentation about their origins with the founders, Soka education, and their thoughts on FILA. The last event was presented by Prof. Ichiro Sugimoto.

    We got some students' impressions.

    "I was truly moved to hear about the founding principles. It was a moment when my motivation was a bit low, so it was good to reconsider the meaning of learning."

    (3rd-year student, FILA)

    "I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn about the deep sentiments FILA professors have for Soka University, filled with romance and their journey with the founder in life. Thank you for providing this valuable chance to see a different aspect from the usual classes."

    (4th-year student, FILA)

    That concludes the three-part series of presentations by the faculty members. We will continue to hold events to establish a point of origin with the founders, led by the Student Union.

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