2024/02/19 15:32

【FILA】Free Accommodation for Open Day on Mar 20!

    ★FREE Accommodation

    Soka University Open Day will be held on Wednesday, March 20.
    For the Open Days, we will be offering accommodation in Soka University campus from March 19-21 for free. If you would like to participate in the Soka University Open Day and would like to stay at the Guest House, please fill out the form below. This is limited to the first group and will be closed when all reservations are filled.

    Main Schedule from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (*Subject to change)
    1. Campus tour by international student
    2. FILA Mock lesson
    3. Free lunch
    4. Student consultation

    We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!

    Soka University Faculty of International Liberal Arts SNS【Instagram / Twitter】

     We are posting information about an introduction of current and alumni students, events, and much more about the FILA on Instagram and Twitter!
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