2024/03/20 09:00

【FILA】We hold Open Day Today!

    Today, on March 20, we are holding an open day event at Soka University! We open our campus until 4 PM. Please feel free to join us!

    Recommended Project No. 1

    【Mock Lesson】 (40 min X 3 terms)

    Lecturer: Prof. Hartmut Lenz

    Class title: The Future of Great Power Politics: Prospects for Cooperation and Conflict
                           This is a class on international relations.

    If you wish to attend, please register HERE in advance.

    Recommended Project No. 2

    【Talking with current students】

    After the mock class, we will have a Q&A session with current FILA students.
    You can ask any questions directly about the curriculum, dormitories, and student life. We look forward to your participation!

    Recommended Project No. 3

    【Orientation video for Prospective students】

    You can watch the undergraduate orientation video of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts.
    First, please watch this PR video of the FILA!
    We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!

    Soka University Faculty of International Liberal Arts SNS【Instagram / Twitter】

     We are posting information about an introduction of current and alumni students, events, and much more about the FILA on Instagram and Twitter!
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