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AY 2024 Soka University Glycan and Life System Integration Center
Joint Research Notification of Acceptance

Thank you very much for your application to the joint research. Following are the candidate awarded for AY2024 joint research.
Representatives Affiliation
Taichi Miura National Institute of Quantum Life and Medical Science Directorate
Kazumi Hirano National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
 Yoshihiro Sakoda Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University 
Luiz M. Bredeston University of Buenos Aires, Department of Biological Chemistry
Nicolle Packer Macquarie University

December 1st, 2023

Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center, Soka University

Fiscal Year 2024 Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center, Soka University

[Joint Usage and Joint Research Application Requirements]


The "Soka University Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center" (GaLSIC) aim to create a new academic field where glycobiology and glycan informatics are truly fused, and we would like to contribute to the progress of the life sciences. Glycans are important biomolecules involved in all life systems, but their analysis methods and importance are not fully understood by life science researchers other than glycoscientists. In order to advance the life sciences, it is necessary to analyze, understand, and utilize glycans at the same level as genomes and proteins in all fields of life science. Therefore, at this institute, we aim to provide the informatics resources, laboratory equipment and facilities of glycobiology, and glycan informatics expertise that we have accumulated so far. We are looking forward to carrying out joint research with many researchers in Japan and overseas.

[Details of Application]

1. About the Joint Research

  • Joint research shall be conducted in collaboration with the researchers at this institute. Please contact the preferred host researcher from the researchers listed in the appendix "List of Host Researchers" and have a thorough meeting with that researcher(s) in advance.
  • Applicant should apply for a research theme related to the "Potential Joint Research Themes" in the appendix "Joint Research Application Materials".
  • As a basic granting guideline, themes will be assessed based on "whether or not there is a possibility of expanding the base of Glycan research fields".
  • When applying, the applicant (primary investigator) must obtain the consent of their affiliated university or institute to which he / she belongs (the head of the department, etc. is also acceptable) on carrying out this joint research with our institution. If the application is granted, you will be asked to submit a written consent at a later date.
  • If students participate in this joint research, they should be listed as "research collaborators" and not "Co-investigator".

This joint research is subject to the approval of the budget for the current fiscal year. Please note that the details of the application requirements are subject to change without prior notice depending on the amount of available budget and other factors.

2. Qualifications (Primary Investigator)

Researchers (excluding students) who belong to universities and public research institutes in Japan and overseas and who intend to carry out research and education with high public interest, or those who are deemed appropriate by the director of this institute.

3. Joint Research Fund (budget allocation and execution method)

Joint Research Fund: Domestic Researcher Up to ¥100,000        Overseas Researcher: Up to 200,000 yen

  • We will notify the primary investigator of the acceptance/rejection and the granted amount.
  • The budget will not be directly allocated to the primary investigators, but in principle, it will be allocated for travel expenses to visit GaLSIC, as well as for necessary consumables needed to conduct research at the institute only.
  • Payment of travel and other expenses using the research fund will be made based on the Soka University’s regulations. For domestic research collaborators (students), only mobility expenses can be covered by this grant. This term does not apply to overseas research collaborators.
  • When the round-trip travel expenses for the overseas researcher can’t be covered by the granted joint research fund, up to an additional 300,000 yen may be compensated depending on the institution’s fund availability (Please consult with the GaLSIC’s administration office beforehand regarding the travel expenses).
  • Consumables are items with an acquisition price of less than ¥50,000 per item or set, or items that do not become assets with a useful life of less than 1 year. In principle, it is limited to those used at this institute. The maximum usage amount for consumables is ¥100,000 for both domestic and overseas researchers.

4. Research Period

Period: April 1st 2024 to March 31st 2025

Reapplication is possible for the following year up to a total of 3 fiscal years upon the approval by the institute.

If you wish to continue, please submit a continuation application along with an interim report during the designated period of the following year. Upon review, a decision will be made as to whether or not the research will be continued. Even in the case of continuation, the remaining research funds of each fiscal year will not be carried over.

5. How to Apply

(1) Fill in the Application form [Form 1] uploaded on the institution home page and submit it by e-mail.

(2) Please state "2024 Joint Usage and Research Application" in the subject of the email.

(3) Submission period: January 10th 2024 to January 31st 2024 (Japan Time Zone)

(4) Addressee: Soka University Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center Office

(5) Email address: galsic_office★≣  (replace “★≣” with “@”)

6. Regarding Grant Decision

The application will be examined by the GaLSIC examination committee, and the applicant will be notified of the grant decision by e-mail. In addition, for those who have been awarded grants, the names of the primary investigators and their affiliated institutions will be announced on the GaLSIC website. Please note that the names of the selected research projects will be published together with the results report on the GaLSIC website at the end of the following fiscal year.

[Expected Grant Announcement Date: Monday, March 4th, 2024]

7. Procedures After Grant Acceptance

Joint research contract: A joint research contract will be signed by both parties after acceptance.

Depending on the content of the research, a contract may not be required or may be replaced by an agreement or other legal documents.

Joint Research Consent Form [Form 2]: Please submit the consent form by e-mail within 2 weeks after the notification of acceptance.

8. Research Report

Primary investigators are required to submit the Research Report [Form 3AB] by Friday, April 25th 2025. Research Report (Form 3A) will be published on the Institute's website at the end of the following fiscal year and included in the same report. If the research activity is to be continued, please submit only for the final year.

9. Acknowledgement of This Joint Research Project

Please be sure to acknowledge the results of this research in publications and research reports.

Example: This work was supported by the GaLSIC collaborative research fund, Soka University, Japan.

10. Contact

For any questions or inquiries, please contact us:

1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan Zip code 192-8577

Soka University Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center Office [Faculty of Science and Engineering Office]

TEL: 042-691-9400  FAX: 042-691-9311 

Email address: galsic_office≡ (Please replace “≡” with “@”)

Application Guidelines
Application Forms
Joint Research Regulations