Expanded Scholarship Opportunities

Soka University and the International Language Education (ILE): TESOL Program are happy to announce a substantial expansion of scholarship opportunities for international students at the graduate level. For qualified applicants, these scholarships could offset the majority of costs of graduate study in our program

International graduate students accepted into the ILE: TESOL Program are automatically eligible for:
  • Academic Fee Exemptions: ILE: TESOL graduate students are not required to pay university tuition or school fees (This exemption does not include Admission fees or Registration fees).
    • All successful international applicants to the ILE: TESOL Program are automatically eligible for full academic fee exemptions (exemptions for international graduate students are not income based).
    • After notification of acceptance, successful international applicants will be requested to provide relevant academic fee exemption forms in lieu of tuition payment prior to the beginning of their first semester.
  • Soka University Makiguchi Memorial Education Fund Scholarship for International Students
    • International Graduate Students are offered financial support to assist in covering living expenses during their graduate program. This financial support consists of a monthly stipend.
  • Teaching Assistantship Opportunities
    • The university has Teaching Assistantship (TA) opportunities as a form of financial aid for graduate students each year.
    • TA opportunities are open to all successful applicants; however, please note that there are a limited number of TA positions and an application process will be conducted.

Detailed application procedures for financial support will be provided to successful applicants. Additional information related to financial assistance opportunities offered by Soka University to international graduate students can be found on the university webpage here.
Undertaking graduate study is a significant financial commitment, and it is important for each applicant to consider his or her investment wisely.

While the program is located in Japan, the graduate learning experience is comparable to studying in an English-dominant country (all courses are delivered in English, all faculty are native-English speakers and / or have received advanced graduate degrees from universities in the United States and United Kingdom, and have extensive teaching experience in a variety of countries). The ILE: TESOL Program has the added advantage of providing students the opportunity to live and study in a culturally diverse environment.

In addition to the availability of expanded scholarships at the graduate level, many graduate students at Soka University receive other types of scholarship assistance. More information on additional possible awards can be found through the Financial Aid Department of the university’s International Office.

Soka University also welcomes students who qualify for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships for Research Students. Applicants can apply for these scholarships though their local Japanese embassies.

Additionally, graduate study at Soka University presents a competitive costing structure compared with programs in North America, Europe and Australia. The table below provides as comparison of yearly tuition costs at typical institutions offering Masters degree programs in TESOL and Applied Linguistics (additional fees, books, materials, housing and living expenses are not included in the comparisons). The financial commitment graduate study entails is based on many factors, and Soka University encourages each applicant to investigate their many options taking into consideration their individual resources.

Typical Annual Cost comparisons of typical Masters degree programs in TESOL and Applied Linguistics (Summary) 1
  International Language Education: TESOL, Soka University, Tokyo Japan United States Australia United Kingdom 3
Program A   US$ 27,000 AUD$ 18,900 BP£ 13,300
Program B   US$ 26,322 AUD$ 20,800 BP£ 12,200
Program C   US$ 12,648 AUD$ 27,424 BP£ 10,755
Program D   US$ 18,825 AUD$ 22,720 BP£ 11,965
Program E   US$ 17,669 AUD$ 20,630 BP£ 13,750

JPY 820,000
US$ 20,493
JPY 2,263,637
AUD$ 22,095
JPY 1,794,325
BP£ 12,394
JPY 1,790,458

1 Costs included are limited estimates of yearly tuition costs only, and do not include estimates of fees, insurance, books / materials, or daily living costs.

2 Exchange rates as of June 29, 2018; The comparisons made here are not based on rigorous research methodology, but rather are presented as an informal comparison of popular Masters degree programs in TESOL and Applied Linguistics in several contexts. Applicants are encouraged to carefully and independently investigate their financial options when considering graduate study.

3 Many MA: TESOL Programs in the United Kingdom (and other countries) may be one-year programs.

If you have additional questions regarding the financing of your graduate study, please feel free to contact the Academic Affairs Office on the university campus. Current tuition costs can be found from here.