Student from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering received JCRS Presentation Award (encouragement category) at the 20th Japan Carbonization Research Society

At the 20th Japan Carbonization Research Society (September 14-16) held at the Kitakyushu International Conference Center in Fukuoka, Yudai Kohira, a second-year Graduate of Science and Engineering Environmental Engineering for Symbiosis student, received the JCRS Presentation Award (encouragement category).
The Japan Carbonization Research Society (JCRS) promotes the research and development of carbonization of biomass resources such as woody resources and aims at the effective use of resources.

In his presentation titled "Evaluation of Ammonium-Nitrogen Adsorption Performance of Modified Biochar Derived from Water Hyacinth and Comparison of Adsorption Mechanisms," he presented that the carbonized material (biochar) obtained from the pyrolysis of water hyacinth, which is a problem of excessive growth in Ethiopia, located in the eastern part of Africa, was treated with alkali or oxidation. The presentation showed that each treatment improved the adsorption performance of ammonium-nitrogen, indicating the possibility of using biochar as an adsorbent for wastewater treatment.

He said, “I am very grateful to have received this award. I could not achieve this without the support of my supervisor, Professor Shinjiro Sato, and my colleagues in the Laboratory of Environmental Soil Science. I am very pleased to have been able to research under Professor Sato and to have been able to contribute to the research achievements of the SATREPS-EARTH Project. As listening to the research presentations and lectures at this conference, I felt that the movement toward a decarbonized society was becoming more active and motivated as a person who will continue to research biochar. I would like to continue contributing to the solution of environmental problems in the way I can."