Ethiopia side Associate Professor came to Japan for Theme 3 (sub-theme 3-1) Short-term Training in SATREPS-EARTH Project

From March 10th to April 26th in 2023, the Theme 3 (sub-theme 3-1) short-term training was held in Japan as a part of the SATREPS-EARTH project. The training was focused on the sub-theme 3-1 “Microalgae culture” in Theme 3 (Development of valuables production system).
  Dr. Banchiamlak Getnet Admasu, Associate Professor from Bahir Dar University came to Japan and participated in the training. She had experiments of carbon concentration and the effect of agitation frequency in microalgae cultivation. At the end of the training, research presentation session was held, and she had lively discussion for the ongoing research results with students and professors from graduate school of science and engineering and the faculty of science and engineering at Soka University.
In the holiday between the research, she visited Asakusa and Mt. Takao and experienced the Japanese culture.
Despite the longer training, the time was fulfilling thanks to efforts by a lot of people.