Ethiopia side Associate Professor came to Japan for Theme 2 (sub-theme 2-1) Short-term Training in SATREPS-EARTH Project

From July 3 to August 9, 2023, a short-term training on SATREPS-EARTH Project Theme 2 “development of nutrient and energy recovery technology” (sub-theme 2-1: high-rate anaerobic digestion treatment of compressed juice of water hyacinth) was held at Soka University, Tokyo, Japan.
  Mr. Gemechu Kassaye Abera, a lecturer and Ph.D. candidate from Bahir Dar University participated in the training. He learned how to use a crushing and compressing machine for water hyacinth treatment and other analytical instruments. Additionally, he conducted experiments for more than one month on the effects of pH adjustment and acclimation to specific components in the anaerobic digestion (methane fermentation) treatment of vegetable waste juice.
On August 3, a research presentation session was held, and Abera and members of the Faculty and Graduate School of Science and Engineering discussed actively.
  For approximately 40 days, the time was fulfilling thanks to efforts by a lot of people.