IRISE’s Research Professor gave an online lecture at the Graduate School of DePaul University

Date June 6, 2020
Location Depaul University (online)
Theme What is “Toda University”

On June 6, the 149th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the progenitor of Soka Educational Theory, visiting researcher Mr. Masayuki Shiohara gave an online lecture from Japan entitled “What is Toda University”, organized by Depaul University, USA, graduate school program - Value-creating Education for Global Citizenship, the course on Educational Philosophy and Practice of Josei Toda.

At the online lecture, he spoke about founder Daisaku Ikeda’s mentor Mr. Josei Toda, and the content in which personal professor – Mr. Toda taught the young Ikeda at “Toda University” during different periods. He also spoke about the significance of “Toda University” and the origin of Soka Education. The interpretation for this lecture was done by IRISE’s research professor Andrew Gebert.

In May 2019, IRISE concluded an agreement with the Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education at Depaul University, with the aim of jointly engaging in mutually beneficial educational and research activities, and has been engaging in a series of exchanges between institutes.