The Founding Spirit of Soka University – from left to right: English version, Japanese version, Chinese version


“The Founding Spirit of Soka University” (Japanese Ver.) 3rd Edition was published

Available online, anytime, and anywhere for free.
The third edition of “The Founding Spirit of Soka University” (Jpn ver.) was published on April 2, 2022.
The third edition additionally included the Founder’s overseas academic speeches, long poem penned on January 2000 - Standing among the Ruins of Takiyama Castle, and the introduction message for the commemorative book “50 Years of Soka University” which was published last year.
A copy of the third edition of this book was distributed to students who are newly enrolled in 2022, while current students and faculty staff members can read the digital version through BOX on the school’s portal site PLAS.
This book is only available to current students and faculty staff members. Any copy or distribution of this book to the public is prohibited. (Contents in BOX cannot be downloaded).
We seek your kind understanding that students will not be able to view the contents upon graduation.
How to Access:
Download a free application via smartphone or tablet, or use the browser from a computer.
To access it, use the university’s user ID and password provided. Internet access is needed.