About the songwriter

The lyricist of the student song Hirokatsu Nakamura (pen name Hiroshi Oki), and composer Shin’ichi Kawakami from the first batch were interviewed countless times by the university and students.

Last year, during the editing process of 50 years of Soka University and the creation of the 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition, through the collaborated efforts of Mr. Nakamura’s contribution of original materials to the school, there were many important materials that were related to writing the lyrics of the student song.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the student song this year, the memo that the lyricist wrote on and some parts of the interview are introduced below.

Draft of the student song lyrics (1972)

The heart of the student song, 1st batch, Oki Hiroshi
Soka Student Welfare Group Pamphlet
Published on March 3, 1980

31st Soka University Pre-Discussion Meeting
SUN Soka University News No. 31
Published on October 1, 2001