Speeches from the founder

[Introduction] 50 Years of Soka University (Soka daigaku gojyunen no rekishi), p. 8.
In the lyrics to the Soka University song that we all have sung so many times, are the words:
For whose sake do we study the way of humanity?
For whose sake do we build a fortress of peace?
For whose sake do we seek the truth of life?

 With unwavering sense of purpose in working for the happiness and welfare of the people, our alumni have bravely challenged the problems and hardships of their youth and of the world in which they live, causing the sun of their creative life force to rise.


[. . .]


 From the perspective of the vast and endless future, the 50th anniversary is just the beginning. The light of Soka education shines far into the future, growing ever brighter like the saying “From the indigo, and even deeper blue”; its true value is yet to be discovered.

 My dear Soka University students, alumni who are one with me, may you vibrantly and dynamically lead lives of contribution and victory, together with me throughout eternity!

  A renaissance
  of happiness and peace
  on Earth—
  You, the suns of Soka,
  illuminate the people.

Let us sing our beloved Soka University song together and make it resound in our lives.
Daisaku Ikeda
50 years of Soka University
Published on April 2, 2021
The Soka Spirit – For the sake of the people.
The Writings of Daisaku Ikeda (Ikeda Daisaku zenshu), Vol 143, p. 218.
 Vice-Deputy Prosecutor Sun, the head of the People’s Prosecutor’s Office of China, has repeatedly stressed the profound significance of the two characters for the word “the people” in the title of this office. He urged that we must never forget the fundamental purpose and meaning of the phrase “for the people,” and that we should always sincerely seek the people's understanding and oversight.
 The Soka University student song which each of you has sung many times has the question of “for whose sake?”
 The answer is clear:
 It is for the sake of the people.
 It is for the people who cannot attend university,
 and it is for the common people of the world.
30th Soka University Graduation Ceremony,
18th Soka Women’s College Graduation Ceremony
Published in the Seikyo Shimbun on March 20, 2004
Persevere throughout your life on the Great Path of Youthful Vow.
The Writings of Daisaku Ikeda (Ikeda Daisaku zenshu), Vol. 131, p. 46.
As youthful founders, you are all comrades who have worked together tirelessly to build the university. After I shared just a word or two your faces, which had somewhat aged, immediately lit up as if you had returned to your student days.
 Having overcome mountains of trials and endured years of struggles while forging your path of mission, you now returned to your alma mater, the hearth and home of your youthful vow!
 With all my heart, I said: “Welcome back! Welcome back to your alma mater!"
When the ceremony at the University Auditorium ended, I dashed over to the Central Gymnasium. There, 5,000 alumni were waiting. I wanted to meet all the treasured Soka alumni. The gymnasium is a place filled with important memories; since the founding of the university, it has been a site of passionate expression, carrying the dreams, joys, and struggles of youthful Soka students.
 At the conclusion of the ceremony in which the Soka University Highest Honor Award and the Soka Alumni Friendship Certificate were conferred on President Chuluundorj of the Mongolian University of Humanities, there was a chorus of the university’s Student Song. This was a song of mutual support, embodying the vow of the alumni as they go back to their respective battlefields in life, a song of infinite courage.

Writings from The New Human Revolution No.150,
The Gathering of Soka Education Alumni
Published in the Seikyo Shimbun on May 13, 2000
The Founding Spirit of Soka University.
The Writings of Daisaku Ikeda (Ikeda Daisaku zenshu), Vol. 133, p.11.

Over the scarlet hills covered in blooming azaleas

white butterflies dance joyously.

The fragrant scent of cherry leaves fills the spacious campus . . .


  When I visit Hachioji in May, in this refreshing season of early summer, my heart fills with joy. The words of the Soka University student song spring to mind.

  At this time of year, Soka University, proud citadel of learning standing majestically on its hilltop perch, is surrounded by lush greenery and flowers.

What a beautiful beacon of hope and illumination it is, shining with youth and intellect!


[. . .]


  “Be a youthful founder of the university!” —this is the Soka University spirit that should be passed down eternally through the generations.

  After my speech at that festival, the newly composed Soka University student song was performed for the first time ever. It had only been finished just before dawn that morning, and a hastily assembled chorus performed it for those gathered at the festival.

  Since there were relatively few students in those first two classes, each student had to play multiple roles at the festival, responsible for exhibits or food stalls. It was thus difficult to find enough people to form a choir. Only after calling on every possible candidate, even dragging out some students who were busily cramming for national examinations, did they manage to come up with enough people.

  After listening to their rousing rendition, I suggested some revisions to the lyrics that might improve the song, such as changing a line from “Solid white butterflies dance joyously” to “White butterflies dance joyously,” and “A refreshing breeze blows powerfully through the air” to “A refreshing breeze blows powerfully through the sky.”

  I left the final decision up to the students, but they readily accepted my suggestions. The student song was completed through the shared passion of myself and my fellow “youthful founders” to create a wonderful institution of learning.


The Founding Spirit of Soka University

Published in the Seikyo Shimbun on May 3, 2002
Shine in the world! The Light of Soka Alumni!
The Writings of Daisaku Ikeda (Ikeda Daisaku zenshu) Vol. 49, p.378.

Soka Students!
Never forget
for what purpose you study
in this honored castle of Soka Education:
it is to protect the common people,
for the peace and happiness of the people;
it is to work for the absolute happiness
of those who are impoverished and exhausted.

[. . .]

The victory of Soka Education
starts with the flame
that has been lit in your heart
as your vow.
This is the vow shared with friends
on this campus filled with memories
as you gazed on a majestic sunset!
It is the vow of gratitude
for your parents in your hometown.
It is the vow engraved deeply in our hearts
as we together sang
the dormitory song, the school song,
student song in high spirits!

[. . .]

As my disciples,
never forget the vow you made,
because it is the solidarity of Soka alumni
bound by the pledge of your youthful days
that forms a golden bridge
connecting all the world.

[. . .]

All of you with whom I share
this unfathomably deep bond!
Together with me,
create an era in which humanity
is triumphant!
Joining paths of friendship
build bridges of culture,
leave behind a new and victorious history
of peace and humanism.
With courage and perseverance,
bring into being an era in which
the people can proudly declare:
“We have won!

This, above all, is the mission,
the noble vow
you and I share
having committed to
encountering each other
in this lifetime.
Illuminate the world!
Illuminate the era!
Shine brilliantly, Soka alumni!
March 25, 2004
Praying for the glory and victory
of all my beloved Soka alumni.


World Poet Laureate
“Shine in the World! The Light of Soka Alumni” Poem
Published in the Seikyo Shimbun on March 25, 2004