Professor Andrew Gebert’s keynote presentation


90th Anniversary Symposium Takes Place Commemorating the Publication of The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy

On November 16th (Monday), 2020, an online symposium of IRISE took place commemorating the 90th anniversary of the publication of The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy.
Professor Andrew Gebert of Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE) delivered a keynote speech under the title, “Reading the Possibilities of an Era of Time-Space Disruption in Education: From the Experience of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi.” In his speech, Professor Gebert shared: “In considering the circumstances that we are now facing, it is necessary to consider the current educational system while finding clues from Makiguchi’s theory and practices based on the concept of time and space. Theories and practices created amid an educational environment filled with blockage, non-transparency, and anxiety is an important spiritual legacy transcending the times.” He ended his lecture concluding: “Without realizing the ideals upheld by Soka University’s founder to shift from ‘education for the sake of society’ to  'society for the sake of education,’ in other words, without all of society protecting education, deepening it, enabling it to penetrate, and enriching it, we cannot overcome the current crisis in the truest sense of the word.”
Next, Professor Shinichi Ushida (Faculty of Education), Assistant Professor Yusaku Iwaki (Faculty of Education), and Professor Takao Ito (Faculty of Letters) shared comments on Professor Gebert’s speech, and a question & answer session ensued at the end with online participants.
November 16th also marked the 70th anniversary since the founder exchanged a vision of building a university with Josei Toda. The event commemorated many significant occasions.