Professor Kukita and students from Université Laval


IRISE faculty member Professor Stephanie Kukita delivers online lecture at Université Laval

On October 21, 2023, IRISE faculty member Professor Stephanie Kukita was invited by Université Laval to deliver an online lecture in the course titled “Global Citizenship, Dialogue and Peace: Study of a Dynamic,” taught by Professor Vincent Fauque. It was attended attended by some 12 students.

Professor Kukita delivered the lecture under the theme “Daisaku Ikeda’s Perspectives on Education for Global Citizenship.” Through the lecture, the students learned about Daisaku Ikeda’s perspectives on global citizenship education in relation to broader literature and research on the topic. The lecture also focused on discussing Ikeda’s three elements of global citizenship: wisdom, courage, compassion; what it means and how to cultivate those elements within education. A Q&A session was held after the lecture, where students exchanged views on their thoughts on global citizenship.

After the lecture, Professor Kukita said, “It was a great opportunity to engage with students from Université Laval, and I was impressed and inspired by their engagement with the topic.”

Founded in 1663, Université Laval is located in Québec, Canada. On May 4, 2010, Laval University presented an "Honorary Doctorate of Education" to the founder. On April 19, 2022, the Ikeda Studies Centre for Education in Global Citizenship, Dialogue and Peace was established, also known as the first center researching on Ikeda studies among French-speaking countries.