Research Presentation Slides by Professor Stephanie Kukita Mitsuko


IRISE Professor gave a presentation on Global Citizenship Education at the 2022 SERC-GC International Education Symposium

Date 8 April 2022
Venue University of Guelph-Humber, Canada
Organizer Soka Education Research Center on Global Citizenship Education (University of Guelph-Humber, Canada)
Theme Operationalizing value-creating education across international milieus

On April 8 (local time), the 1st International Symposium was held by the Soka Education Research Center for Global Citizenship Education at the University of Guelph-Humber, Canada, which is also one of the university’s exchange partners. One of our institute’s professors, Professor Stephanie Kukita participated in the symposium and presented at one of the breakout sessions.

The founder had delivered a message to the symposium, expressing his hope that, “At a time when the international community is facing numerous difficulties, we must place the starting point of our thinking on 'life' and believe that the source of hope lies in the challenge of education that resolutely protects the dignity of young life and unleashes unlimited creativity.”

The symposium was held to share the latest research findings and activity reports on Soka Education. Under the theme of "Operationalizing value-creating education across international milieus," researchers and students of Soka Education from Canada, Spain, Kenya, and the institute participated online, and newly appointed Soka University President, Mr. Masashi Suzuki delivered his greetings.

Professor Stephanie Kukita presented her research findings during the breakout sessions on the theme “Exploring How Soka University Students Define Global Citizenship”, introducing how individual students define the concept of global citizenship based on a survey conducted at Soka University. The students' definition of global citizenship reflected the university's founding spirit, as many of them indicated that a sense of responsibility and empathy for building a peaceful and sustainable world were more important than a competitive aspect of global citizenship.