Exhibition on “1000 Translated Works”, written by the Founder

Exhibition Period April 6, 2004 – April 18, 2004
Location Soka University Ikeda Auditorium 1F (Free Admission)
Organizer Soka University Soka Education Research Centre
In commemoration of the Founder’s 150th honorary doctorate award, an exhibition on “1000 Translated Books” of the Founder’s works in the collection of the Soka Education Research Centre (current institute) was held.

In the process of organizing the Founder’s translated books at the research center, the sheer volume and number of books were far greater than expected, and these books were made known to many people, including Soka University students. The exhibition displayed a wide range of dialogue series books and picture books published in 31 languages from 39 countries, where approximately 1100 books were introduced in this public exhibition.

There were 357 English translated books, which is the largest number of books displayed in this exhibition, followed by 276 Chinese (simplified and traditional) translated books. Out of the many translated books, the book that is most widely translated and published was the dialogue series book between Founder and Arnold J. Toynbee - “Choose Life”.

The exhibition was separated into different languages, and there were reading corners where visitors could read the books placed at the center of the exhibition hall. Many visitors could view books written in different languages, and feel the difference in the pages and paper used for the books. Furthermore, the number of books published by different countries and the 150 universities that have presented honorary doctorates to the Founder were displayed on the world map.

In addition, the “Ikeda Bunko Special Exhibition” held in conjunction with this exhibition, was hosted by Soka University’s Central Library, where valuable books from local and overseas donors who donated foreign books of the Founder that are usually not open to the public from “Ikeda’s book collection” were displayed. In the 13 days when this exhibition was held, about 1700 people visited this exhibition.