Exhibition on “1300 Translated Works”, written by the Founder

Exhibition Period 22nd July 2004 - 19th September 2004
Location Soka University Ikeda Auditorium Level 1 (Free Admission)
Organizer Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE)
The exhibition on “1300 Translated Works” written by the Founder was held by the Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE). This was a renewed exhibition following the success of the exhibition on “1000 Translated Works” written by the Founder held in April 2004.

Approximately 4500 people visited both exhibitions on “1000 Translated Works” and “1300 Translated Works” written by the Founder. The institute made an effort to display and update the translated books acquired as soon as possible, and many people came to visit the exhibition for the second and third time. Some of the impressions and feedback left behind were mostly from students who have written their determination to challenge themselves in reading books, learning languages, and studying abroad. It was also a good opportunity to welcome new enrolling students.

Many young children had given similar feedback, particularly a fifth-year student from Tokyo Soka Elementary School who had visited Soka University for summer school, “I want to challenge in learning English and another language after viewing the exhibition.” A 56-year-old woman shared, “I hope to challenge myself with the heart of lifelong education and to be able to read in a foreign language even if it is just one.” An undergraduate student of Soka University shared, “I was able to realize and understand the spread of Founder’s heart and spirit. I will work hard to fulfill my dream of working overseas and mastering languages.”


In addition, Mr. Bian Li Qiang, who had translated many of the Founder’s books into Chinese Language, had visited the exhibition.

30 years ago, I met Mr. Ikeda when I was still at Peking University, Japanese Language Department. I was impressed by his personal charm and decided to read the books which he had gifted to Peking University. I was moved after reading and decided to start translating his works. It was in the 1980s that his book “My Resume” was first translated into Chinese language. There are no hardships in translation. I think it is something that I need for my life. I am determined to continuously translate. Currently, Mr. Ikeda’s words are also displayed in the subways of Shanghai. I think that is why Mr. Ikeda’s words serve as guidelines for Chinese citizens.”

The Founder’s works are currently being translated at many territories. We could see a glimpse of the thoughts and hearts of the people who were involved and their encounters with the Founder. It was a moment of realization to see the Founder’s works spreading across the world.