Special Exhibition Commemorating the Reception of 300 Honorary Academic Titles

The Educational and Academic Exchanges of the Founder of Soka University, Daisaku Ikeda

Exhibition Period 27 November 2010 – 20 March 2014
Location Soka University Main Building 5F Lobby (Free Admission)
Organizer Soka University
To commemorate Founder’s 300th Honorary Doctorate, a “Special Exhibition to Commemorate 300 Honorary Doctorates – The Educational and Academic Exchanges of the Founder of Soka University, Daisaku Ikeda” was held in the lobby of Main Building 5F.

In this exhibition, 8 continents were introduced and displayed – China and East Asia, Russia and Central Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, etc. 3 main sections were introduced:

The first section introduces the Founder’s efforts and contributions to world peace, which include the proposal for the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and his subsequent contributions to promoting Sino-Japanese friendship. The Founder has conducted many dialogues and meetings, having visited 54 countries and territories around the world. Regardless of continent or country, whether it is China, India, Russia, Europe, Africa, and the East-West ocean, he built a bridge of peace that transcends ideologies.

The second section presents the introduction of the dialogue with Professor Arnold J. Toynbee, named “Dialogue with the World’s Intellects”. The founder has engaged in many dialogues with intellects around the world in the field of politics, economics, literature, arts, and science. He strongly believes that through honest and sincere one-on-one dialogues, we can overcome all ethnic and national differences to achieve prosperity and the harmonious coexistence of humankind.

The third section introduces the founding of Soka Education schools, and “Promotion of Education and Academic Exchanges between Soka University and universities around the world”, with 176 universities as of January 2016. The founder established educational institutions such as Soka Gakuen, Soka University, Soka Women College, and the Soka University of America to foster capable individuals in the world, and promoted educational exchanges with schools such as Moscow University, Peking University, University of the Philippines, University of Delaware and Glasgow University.

Chairperson Yasunori Tashiro said at the opening ceremony, “This year, 2010, marks the 80th anniversary since the publishing of the first volume of “The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy” by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, and the first time that the word “Soka” (value-creation), which is the name of this university was used. Next year, we will celebrate the founding 40th anniversary of Soka University. I hope that through this exhibition, we could deepen our knowledge in learning about Founder Ikeda’s achievements and the history of Soka Education”.