“Daisaku Ikeda and A.J. Toynbee” Exhibition

Exhibition to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Publication of Dialogue “Choose Life”

Exhibition Period 2nd May 2015 – 30th Aug 2015
Location Soka University Liberal Arts Building A Tower 1F Special Exhibition Hall (Free Admission)
Organizer Soka University
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the publishing of the dialogue “Choose Life” (March 20, 1975) between Founder Daisaku Ikeda and representative of 20th-century historian Dr. Arnold J. Toynbee, an exhibition on “Daisaku Ikeda and Toynbee” was held.

On May 1st, an opening ceremony was held with the attendance of about 50 students and faculty staff members. The exhibition consisted of 5 sections, including “One Airmail letter”, “Dialogue into the Future” etc, and panels also displayed the actual setting of the dialogue that took place from May 1972 to May 1973 at Professor Toynbee’s house in London for 40 hours.

At the opening ceremony, Soka University President Yoshihisa Baba gave his greetings while reflecting on what he has learned from the dialogue series since it was first published. “Choose Life” has been published and translated into 28 languages and is a book that is widely known and read by many scholars and students worldwide. Founder Ikeda and Toynbee discussed my ways to solve a wide range of problems such as politics, philosophy, theory of civilization, cosmology, and more. This is of great significance to learn in this turbulent global era.

Furthermore, as part of this commemorative event, “Call for short essays” focusing on the content of the book “Choose Life” was held, targeting undergraduate students, women college students, graduate school students, correspondence program students, and the most excellent essay selected was presented with “Choose Life Award”. There was also a contest for nationwide senior high school students to share their thoughts on reading the dialogue series.