50th Anniversary Special Exhibition ― The History of Soka University

Exhibition Period From 8th October 2021 – Present (Free Admission)
Soka University Main Building Level 5
Entrance Hall, Exhibition Room 1, Room 2, Gallery
Organizer Soka University
The 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition – The History of Soka University is being held at Main Building Entrance Hall.

Soka University celebrated its 50th anniversary since the opening of this university. Since the establishment plan of Soka University was announced in 1964, history showing the preparations for the opening of the university to the present day are introduced. You can see the realization of the founding spirit as time changes, and the past, present, and future of Soka University.
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【Outline of Exhibition】

50 Years of Soka University (Entrance Hall)

Opening Movie
Chapter 1: The Birth of Soka University
Chapter 2: Construction and Expansion
Chapter 3: From the 20th to the 30th Anniversary
Chapter 4: A New Departure
Chapter 5: Soka University Today
Topics: Soka University Student Song
Topics: Daisaku Ikeda and the Four Seasons of Soka University
Topics: Changing Campus and Its Era
Commemorative Photo Corner: Soka University and the Hakone Ekiden Collegiate Relay Marathon

The Origin of Soka Education (Exhibition Room 1)

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi as an Educational Reformer
Proposing the Concept of Value-creating Pedagogy
Josei Toda: Practitioner and Inheritor of Value-creating Pedagogy
Youthful Days of Daisaku Ikeda, Founder of Soka University
Toda's Fostering of Ikeda and Youth
Daisaku Ikeda’s Education Proposals

To My Beloved Students (Exhibition Room 2)

Founder’s Encouragement to Students of Soka University
Founder’s Encouragement in the Early Years of Soka University
Founder’s Encouragement to Graduating Students and Almuni
Video of “To My Beloved Students”

A University Created by Students (Gallery)

1971-80 — Start of a university founded by students
1981-90 — Soka University students give full play to the development of the University
1991-2000 — Soka University Students become Japan’s No. 1
2001-2010 — Soka University Students Spread Their Wings to the Sky of the 21st Century
2011- ― Soka University Students Step Out Into the World Arena


Permanent Exhibition on “The Educational and Academic Exchanges of the Founder of Soka University, Daisaku Ikeda” was updated.
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