Attractions around Campus


 Hachioji is located around 40km from central Tokyo, and it takes around 40 minutes by train from Shinjuku.
It is located in a basin, in which its North, West and South regions are surrounded by hills which height vary from 200m to 800m above the sea, while the Eastern area in the Kanto plateau.

 It was recognized as a city in 1917, therefore it will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017. Furthermore, it became a core city in the Western region of Tokyo, with a population of 580.000 inhabitants as of April 2015, counting with 21 universities, making Hachioji a University Town under continuous development.

●Surroundings of Hachioji Station

[Shopping Malls]  
1- CELEO  2- Hachioji OCTORE

[Electronic goods] 
4- Yodobashi Camera  5- Bic Camera

[Miscellaneous goods / Food]  
3- Don Quixote  6- Supermarket ALPS


The bus fare from Soka University to Hachioji Station is 310 yen.
・Soka University has three bus stops; Eiko-mon, Seimon and Sodai-mon.
・There are two bus stops at the Station: Hachioji Station North Exit, Keio Hachioji Station.

●Mount Takao

 Mt. Takao is a mountain that was ranked as a 3-star Tourist Attraction in 2007 (the same as Mt. Fuji), and it is possible to visit and enjoy the mount in one single day.
 It also has a cable car that lifts up halfway to the top of the mount. For those who wish to climb it on foot, it counts with three ways that take around one and a half hour until the top.

Address: Takao-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Phone: 042-664-7872

●Hachioji Castle

 The Hachioji Castle is a leading mountain-castle within the Kanto Area.
 In April 2006, it was appointed as one of the 100 main castles of Japan. It is compared to many World Heritage Sites in Japan, and also remained in good conditions despite the conflict history of the country.

Address: Motohachioji-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
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●Mitsui Outlet - Tama Minami Osawa

 It is a real outlet, located at the Minami Osawa station in Keio Line. They sell high-quality products from famous brands in a very affordable price.

Address: 1-600 Minami Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Phone: 042-670-5777

●Takiyama Castle Ruins

 Located very near Soka University, the remains of the Takiyama Castel are one of the most famous ruins from Japanese medieval age.

 In 1971, under the cooperation between local residents and the Government, 5,000 cherry trees were planted, and until today, it is known as a famous site to see the cherry blossoms.
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●Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

 It was established in 1983 by Dr. Ikeda, who also established Soka University. It has a catalogue of 30,000 items not only from Japan, but also Eastern and Western paints, photos, sculptures, clay, lacquer, swords, etc.

 It is located besides Soka University, and if you bring your student card you can enter for free.