Professor Brück delivering a lecture


The 10th Seminar of IRISE was held

March 15, 2023

IRISE’s tenth seminar in the 2022 academic year was held in-person. Dr. Michael von Brück, a renowned German scholar of religion who is currently on a research trip at the university delivered a lecture to the students and professors.

Theme: What Buddhists and Christians can Contribute in Responding to the Crisis of Humankind

Professor Brück discussed the role of religion in contributing to the world today, not in terms of segregating others just as 2000 years ago, but a quest of asking “who am I?”

He further stated, real religion is the transformation of the mind, not by rituals or by beliefs, but by developing the real potential of your mind.

“The deepest disaster today is the ecology disaster. Human beings take away many of these resources for the economy, where we now have so much in technology, but we do not apply them in our daily lives, not only because of ignorance or laziness but because of greed,” he continued.

He further emphasized, “To be compassionate, it is not just a task for some saints or special people, it is the task and duty for everyone, in the education system, to develop the human mind to its fullest potential.”

After the lecture, a lively Q&A session was held with the students and faculty.