ANGEL Conference 2023


Faculty members presented at 'ANGEL Conference 2023' held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

Professor Tomioka (left) and Associate Professor Kakegawa (right)
ANGEL Conference 2023 was held for two days from June 19 by ANGEL (Academic Network on Global Education & Learning), an international academic organization that focuses on global citizenship education. Under the theme “Global Education & Learning for a Just, Peaceful and Sustainable World,” it was held at the UNESCO Headquarters, gathering researchers, policy-makers, professors, and NGOs, with lively discussions held about the future of global education.

Professor Michiyo Kakegawa from the Faculty of Economics and IRISE Professor Hiroko Tomioka attended the conference, presenting on the second day of the conference under the session “Global Citizenship Education and Sustainability: Engaging the Earth Charter and Value-Creating Perspectives.”

In the session, Professor Tomioka presented under the title “Value-Creating Education and Global Citizenship,” discussing the overview of the theory of Soka Education, and the results of the survey conducted on the students, teachers, and alumni of Soka Gakuen (junior and senior high schools).

Furthermore, Associate Professor Kakegawa presented under the title of “Practices to Integrate Sustainability into University-Level Learning”, sharing examples of practices on global citizenship education implemented under the university’s vision of fostering global citizens and value creation, as well as practices at class aimed at fostering capable individuals who can contribute to achieving the SDGs.

The session was attended by UNESCO staff and researchers, as well as experts and practitioners who advocate the Earth Charter, who engaged in meaningful discussions on educational methods for value creation and how to evaluate such methods.

After the conference, Professor Tomioka commented, "It is very significant that UNESCO, the United Nations specialized agency for education, science, and culture, was able to hold the workshop session on global citizenship education and value creation in this way. Through the presentations, I could feel the intentionality of peace through global education, and discover the similarities of what we envision in Soka Education. It was a truly moving and profound conference.”

Associate Professor Kakegawa commented, "At this conference, a major shift from 'education that imparts knowledge' to 'education that nurtures human beings' is needed. To fulfill that objective, there were lively discussions on how global education based on theory and philosophy should be practiced, and the conference provided an opportunity to reaffirm the importance and progress of Soka University's fundamental objective of fostering capable individuals who can practice value creation. We will make further efforts to foster capable people who will create a new era.”