IRISE provided materials for elective course: Ikeda Research in China

From this April, an elective course on the theme “Ikeda Research in China” has been offered under the category of “General Special Lectures.” In this course, many researchers who research about founder Daisaku Ikeda’s thoughts and philosophy in China are invited, with classes held online. This year, about 20 Ikeda researchers in China will conduct the classes, both in the Spring and Fall semester.

During the first class held in the Fall semester, IRISE provided materials for the course, and the institute’s administrative staff introduced the increasing trend of Ikeda research in the world, the relationship between Soka University-China, and the relationship between the founder with China.

Students’ Comments in the 1st class:
〇 Through the lecture, I learned about the life of our founder, Mr. Daisaku Ikeda, who risked his life for the sake of world peace, and the dots were connected through the experience I gained during my visit to China. I could deeply respect the founder’s way of life. Through the life of founder Ikeda, I have learned that we cannot achieve world peace unless we know and learn the tragedy of war and take action. Even though it takes time and effort to conduct dialogue with people just like how Mr. Ikeda work for peace, I think this is the surest way to achieving peace. I am determined to build good relationships with the students I met in China and my Chinese dormitory friends, conduct dialogues with them, and to be a bridge of friendship between China and Japan.

〇 I decided to take this class because I was curious on how founder Ikeda’s thought is perceived and researched around the world. In the first class, I was surprised to learn from the professors who delivered lectures and explained their research fields that they cover not only religion, but also politics, literature, and many other fields. I am looking forward to the next class and beyond.

“Ikeda Research in China” Fall Semester Class Syllabus (Tentative)

1st class: Explanation about the course: Ikeda Research in China
2nd class: Central China Normal University, Professor Li Pixian
3rd class: Hunan Normal University, Professor Jueyi
4th class: Shanghai University, Professor Ma Lizhong
5th class: Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences, Guangxi Province, China, Professor Zeng Jianping
6th class: Northeast Normal University, Professor Han Dongyu
7th class: Tongji University, Professor Chen Yili
8th class: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Professor Chen Duoyou
9th class: Changchun Normal University, Assistant Professor Zhang Xiaogang
10th class: Soka University Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE), Professor Cong Xiaobo
11th class: to be confirmed
12th class: Shaanxi Normal University, Professor Bai Genyu
13th class: Soka University Faculty of Letters, Professor Takahashi Tsuyoshi
14th class: Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Wang Lirong
15th class: Reflections on the class

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