Professor Cong delivering a lecture


IRISE Professor Cong Xiaobo delivers lecture at Southeast University, China

On August 29, 2023, Professor Cong Xiaobo, a faculty member of our institute, was invited by Southeast University School of Foreign Languages (China) to deliver a lecture to undergraduate students of the Japanese Language department. The lecture is entitled “The Current Situation and Issues of Sino-Japanese Exchange,” and it is one of the summer courses in the School of Foreign Languages.

In her lecture, she emphasized the long history since the beginning of Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges. Despite the historical contradictions and conflicts between the two countries, Japan and China’s geographical locations have allowed exchanges to continue to this day, and it is important to continue to work together to build a solid foundation from the official to the people. It is important to further expand the exchange of culture and values through various means.

Professor Cong further noted that Tokyo, Japan, has many places of interest and traditions related to Chinese history. These elements not only express the cultural resonance of both countries but also provide an opportunity for friendly exchanges.

In addition, she emphasized the role of the media in Sino-Japanese exchanges, stressing that the media should play a more active role in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries.

During the Q&A exchange session, she discussed the future of Sino-Japanese exchanges with the students and faculty staff members of the department, and a lively discussion was held.


Founded in 1902, Southeast University was established in 1921 from its precursor, “Sanjiang Normal College.” The university has a long history of foreign language education, and at the time of its founding, Japanese language education was already being offered, with about 600 students enrolled now.