Professor Cong delivering a lecture


IRISE Professor Cong Xiaobo delivers online lecture at Tianjin Foreign Studies University

On November 15, 2023, Professor Cong Xiaobo, a faculty member of IRISE, was invited by Tianjin Foreign Studies University to deliver a lecture online titled “Current Situation and Issues of Japan-China Exchange” at the “Advanced Academic Forum,” which was attended by a few hundred students and teachers from the Japanese Language Center.

Professor Cong suggested that it is important to understand the current situation and challenges of Japan-China relations as it marks the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between China and Japan, and the relationship between Japan and China has important significance in today’s world. She also pointed out that understanding the history of Japan-China relations and Japan-China exchange, taking the historical genealogy of Japan-China exchange as a starting point, and researching materials related to Japan-China relations and Japan-China exchange, would be helpful for an accurate analysis of current issues. Finally, Professor Cong analyzed four specific issues in Japan-China exchange, emphasized the role of the media, and discussed her vision for the future of Japan-China exchanges.

A lively Q&A discussion was held after the lecture.